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MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고

Major Activities of Social Contribution

Love Campaign

  • Jomdori Love Campaign
  • Jomdori Love Campaign
  • Jomdori Love Campaign

The campaign rekindles the traditional spirit of Jomdori whereby our mothers put aside a spoonful of rice at each meal, and collected the rice in a jar in the kitchen to give a helping hand to people in need. The accumulated number of CCs that participated in Jomdori Campaign from 1998 to 2019 was 30,683. With an accumulated donation of 97.8 billion won, the practice of small sharing in our daily life has acquired larger dimensions through the purposeful action of CC to become a great help to neighbors in dire need.

Emergency Aid

  • Disaster Emergency Aid
  • In March 2018, CC concluded an MOU in the area of disaster relief with the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, and actively started leading local residents’ efforts toward recovery from damage. Nationwide CCs and KFCC participated in fund raising and supported local residents’ recovery from physical and psychological damage through measures including maturity delay for loans and delaying the repayment of principal.

Social Class Support

  • Vulnerable Social Class Support
  • It is the project to operate and support various social welfare centers in order to share warmth with the alienated neighbors around us. There are various initiatives including delivery of lunchbox to elderly people living alone, the operation and support of senior recreation & welfare center, the operation and support of infant & child care center, free food, the support of health insurance for low income social class, and the operation and support of wedding halls.

Volunteer Service

  • Volunteer Service
  • CC designated the ‘Day of Volunteer Service’ and has been operating the service since 2014 in order to settle a corporate culture of volunteer service and working together. Staffs and employees of CC and KFCC participate simultaneously in the Day of Volunteer Service, and offer volunteer service.

MG Hope Sharing
Social Growth Support

  • MG Hope Sharing Social Growth Support
  • MG Hope Sharing Social Growth Support
  • MG Hope Sharing Social Growth Support

CC finds social economic organizations that are facing difficulties in growth and the path to the market, and establishes the model for economic progress and win-win cooperation. Through a public contest project, CC has been identifying various social economic enterprises that have collaboration points with CC and offering support with fund and infrastructure.

MG Hope Sharing
Local Win-Win Citizen Funding

  • MG Hope Sharing Local Win-Win Citizen Funding
  • CC has expanded the role of self-help banking to bring the concept of social banking to the local areas and participate in solving the problems faced by the local areas. Through the agency of social banking, CC has been jointly finding social economic enterprises and supporting loan-type cloudfunding fee.

Traditional Market

  • 사랑의 김장나눔
  • 사랑의 쌀배달
  • 사랑의 연탄나눔

As a part of the project for activation of traditional markets, one unit of CC makes a sisterhood agreement with one traditional market to lead the support and activation of traditional markets. CC has been conducting a specific project to operate the Day of Visiting Traditional market, offering scholarship support for children of small businesses, supporting the installation of convenient stores, and promoting use of Onnuri Gift Certificate.

Local Community
Development Project

  • Local Community Development Project
  • This project is operated to contribute to the development of local social economy with the profit generated by direct or consigned operation after CC makes the whole or part of investment for local residents. The ventures supported so far include a rice processing facility, medical business, welfare store, warehouse business, agriculture & fishery products direct market, agricultural materials sales, and gas station.

Local Hope
Contribution Project

  • Local Hope Contribution Project
  • This is a private cooperation project between “Local Government and CC (Consultation)” which establishes and promotes working-class friendly voluntary governance between city, county and district and CC. It has elements such as a congratulatory fund for newcomers, support of winter gears for local residents, a project to create walking trails and parks within areas, an after-school care class for children of vulnerable social classes, and the support of snow removing truck.

Culture & Art,
Sports Project

  • MG Hope Sharing Banking Class
  • MG Hope Sharing Banking Class
  • MG Hope Sharing Banking Class

CC has been conducting a project of supporting and holding various culture & art events including local traditional culture festivals by using the CC Hall that is equipped with various sports facilities for the health of local residents in the era of wellbeing. There are also the playing of free movie videos, operation of a mountain climbing club, and support for exploring local cultural relics.

MG Hope Sharing
Banking Class

  • Culture & Art, Sports Project
  • CC has made a great effort to protect the rights of banking consumers through providing education in the area of finances such as children economy class, preventive methods against voice phishing, common sense in banking, and customized lifetime financial design targeting vulnerable social classes (students, mid ages). Difficult and complex financial services and concepts are clarified in the MG Hope Sharing Banking Class.

Education Project

  • Lifelong Education Project
  • CC has been conducting a lifelong education project that gives an equal opportunity of lifetime learning to local residents by using CC Hall. This project encourages local residents to realize self esteem and to enhance their quality of life through the pleasure of learning. The project includes a college for housewives, a college for persons with learning challenges, computer class, singing class, calligraphy class, and a library.

Scholarship Project

  • Scholarship Project
  • CC has been offering scholarship support for our neighbors’ children to enable the fostering of excellent talented personnel who will lead the nation and the local community.