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Value System of KFCC

For the sound development of CCs,
KFCC supports and supervises their management, and promotes transparent operation

Value System of KFCC

The establishment goal of KFCC was to support and supervise the management of CCs, and promote transparent operation for the sound development of CCs.


Instruct and supervise the works of CCs to improve common interests and promote sound development, and contribute to the happiness of citizens and the development of nation and society.


Cooperatives Group That Leads Mutual
Growth by Value-based Management
  • Value
  • Mutual Shared
  • Cooperatives

Become a cooperatives group that leads the mutual growth of CCs, members, and the local communities through sound management to realize the value of the cooperatives

Value-based Management
  • Strategic management to realize the 6 core values (Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity and Solidarity) upheld by the International Cooperatives Alliance(ICA)
Shared Growth
  • Lead to grow together with CCs, members (Citizens) and the local communities, and contribute to local and national economy
Cooperatives Alliance Group
  • Mutual cooperation system of CC-KFCC-MG Group that strives to implement the role of a local financial HUB while maintaining the identity of CC

Core Value

The core values of KFCC are the conviction and values that the organization and members follow in order to accomplish the mission and vision, which are the standards for decision making and action judgment in daily works.

  • Customer
    value for
    the customer
    Strive toward customers’ satisfaction with the best services to create customer value
  • Trust-based
    Establish a
    and Reliable
    Strengthen the identity of CC and fulfill the social responsibilities to become a respectable and reliable organization
  • Planning
    for the Future
    Make the
    best efforts
    for sustainable
    Focus efforts for the sustainable growth of the organization with creativity and passion
  • Mutual
    Create a culture of cooperation with communication and respect, and maximize the synergy with collaboration and common conscience