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MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고

Education Facilities

MG Huaman
Resources Development Institute

Foster creative manpower for CC to adapt to the knowledge based society, lead management innovation and support the best education service to realize members’ satisfaction.

Ground for fostering
talented personnel who
will lead 21C

The future opens first for the person who goes ahead.
The enterprise that goes ahead and leads the change will prevail in 21C.
In order to foster new talented personnel capable of leading the new millennium, MG HR Development Institute was moved and opened in May 2000. The Institute provides an efficient education environment with high-notch facility and fosters creative and bold talented personnel who will lead the future.
MG HR Development Institute shall establish itself as the ground for valuable learning for talented personnel who will lead the country's future and our future.

Vision & Mission

Top training institute that fosters financial experts for common people in the 21th century through the provision of innovative and performance oriented education services

Play the role of strengthening individual profession to support the
accomplishment of CC’s management goals, promote timely change within
the organization and raise the status of CC for members.
Core Values
  • Customer
  • Service &
  • Change &
  • Passionate

Facility Status

MG새마을금고 교육시설 야외 입구사진 MG새마을금고 교육시설 야외 입구사진

Jeju Training Center

The Jeju Training Center is a training and recreation facility to enhance the welfare of insurance contractors and members of CC. The Center provides a comfortable recreation area to prepare new energy for CC’s people in an eco-friendly environment in harmony with the natural scenery of Jeju

MG새마을금고 제주 연수원 건물 외벽 측면사진 MG새마을금고 제주 연수원 야외 조감도