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MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고

Community Credit Cooperatives Guide

Based on ethics and a law-abiding spirit, realize the ideal of
an advanced comprehensive credit cooperatives organization loved and trusted by members

Development of local communities and
balanced development of national economy

The Community Credit Cooperatives(CC) is a financial cooperatives organization that embodies the spirit of mutual cooperation such as demonstrated by the original Korean autonomous cooperative organizations of Gye(mutual aid), Hyangyak (village agreement), and Dure(labor community). CC carries out both the economic functions of credit businesses and insurance businesses and the social functions of member welfare businesses and local contribution projects according to the principle of cooperatives. The goal of CC is to improve the quality of members’ lives through these businesses and to contribute to the development of local communities and the balanced development of national economy.

  • 260
    Trillion won
    After accomplishment of 100 trillion won in 2012, grew into 200 trillion won in 8 years
  • 2,180
    Million persons
    1 out of 3
    people in Korea
  • 1,295
    1,295 main branches/3,218 local branches Financial institution closest to find anywhere in the country
  • 1,212
    Domestic leading check card: Issued more than 12 mil cards since its first release

Origin of Community
Credit Cooperatives Started
from Gyeongsangnam-do in 1963

The origin of Community Credit Cooperatives in Korea started with five cooperatives established at Gyeongsangnam-do: Sanchung-gun Saengcho-myeon Hadoon-li, Changnyeong-gun Sungsan-myeon Wolgok-li, Uiryeong-gun Uiryeong-myeon Jungam-li, Uiryeong-myeon Oeshi-li, and Namhae-gun Masan-li

The early campaigns of CC were successful and developed our national tradition of cooperation spirit embodied in Gye(mutual aid), Dure(labor community) and Hyangyak(village agreement) based on the Antigonish Campaign in Canada after the members of Gyeonsangnam-do Local Office of National Restoration Campaign completed the 3rd training course for the instructors of cooperatives formed by the church member service group under Maryknoll Sisters and returned to their home villages.

새마을 금고의 기원 새마을 금고의 기원

Creation of a wealthy Community through
Participation and Cooperation

  • Ideology of Existence
    Creation of Rich Living Community through Participation & Cooperation
    It means to accomplish rich individual life along with local community and to make a living community to live well together with neighbors
  • Vision
    21C Advanced Integrated Financial Cooperatives
    It means to provide high level financial service to the members of CC and for members to enjoy the benefit of welfare business of CC and enjoy their stable and rich life.
  • Management Principle
    The managerial principle of CC is to accomplish the vision, and is the standard for making management decisions.
  • Spirit of the People in CC
    Self Help Mutual
    The value of self help is founded on the spirit to economize, make it new, creation and improvement by members themselves to pioneer their future; and the value of mutual benefit on the spirit of love and service to overcome individualism and enrich community life.
    The value of community is the based on the desire to become one with neighbors and build an affluent society. CC has pursued the vision of a social community that maximizes mutual benefit.