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CC has represented the Republic of Korea since its first opening in 1963 with
a goal of offering warm financial service that becomes a role model of public value creation

Guide for Membership
in Community Credit Cooperatives (CC)

Any person who has an address or is a resident within the business territory of CC, or participates in an occupation, can become a member of CC when he or she invest more than one Membership Equity Shares in cash.
The member is an owner of CC, and has the public interest of voting rights, suffrage, and electoral eligibility as well as the private interest of business license and surplus dividend. However, the member may also bear the liability as he (or she) has responded to the rights.

Benefits of

Anyone who has an address or is a resident within the territory of CC’s business, or anyone who participates in occupation, can become a member after making the deposit with more than one share.

  • MG Logo
  • Tax Preferential Savings
    million won
  • Membership
    Equity Shares
    Tax Preferential
    million won
  • Revenue Stamp
    Tax Exemption
    Loan Limit
    million won
Tax Preferential Savings:
  • Available only for the members to open the tax preferential savings (imposes total 9.5% interest to income) deposit with the limit of 30 million won per person
Membership Equity Shares:
  • The capital of CC created by members, in which the amount of one unit of share differs by each CC and dividends are provided according to business performance.
Dividend Income Tax Exemption for Shares of 10 million or less:
  • Tax exemption available for the dividend income of the shares up to 10 million won or less
    Revenue Stamp Tax Exemption for Loan (Loan limited to 100 million)

Procedure for

  • Submit
  • Purchase
  • Acquire
  • Use