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MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고

CI Introduction

MG Community Credit Cooperatives aims to provide
warm financial services that become an excellent example of public value

The Brand Concept of MG Community Credit Cooperatives aims to achieve ‘Warm Financial Service for Basic Public Value’.

Warm Financial
Service for Basic
Public Value

Brand Concept

A philosophy of warmth, pursuing growth and development for me-neighbors-local community together.
Human-centered warm and rich image, great service effort as if working for my family Trusted financial service, systematic and leading credit cooperatives.

  • Abundant
  • Like
    Family &
  • Trustworthy

Meaning of ‘MG’
Name Concept

‘MG’ implies a joyous complex of members’ living, life, success, meeting, welcoming, and neighbors. Namely, it symbolizes Maeul Geumgo (Village Safe), Make a Good Life (More Wonderful & Rich Life), and Meet & Greet (Welcoming Neighbors).

  • MG Logo
  • Village Safe
    Mauel Geumgo
  • Make a
    Good life
    More Wonderful
    and Rich Life
  • Meet

Make Good
Slogan Concept

The slogan of MG Community Credit Cooperatives, ‘Make Good’ means ‘to Become Better’, ‘to Become Successful’, and ‘to Become Rich.’ It conveys the philosophy of MG Community Credit Cooperatives that considers not only bettering the life of customers but also bettering the local community and the world.

  • Make Good
  • Money
    Financial Benefits
    for Everyone
    to Become Rich
  • Life
    Better Life
    for Everyone
  • World
    A Happy World
    for Everyone