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IT Sector Business

KFCC will continuously expand its information system and introduce advanced IT technology
to secure a dominant position of competitiveness, and support customers with high quality financial services

KFCC has established a high-notch financial system that connects 1,300 CCs and 3,218 branches spread nationwide with a single computer network so customers can process transactions and services online anytime and anywhere. We will continuously expand our information system and introduce advanced IT technology to secure a superior position of competitiveness and to support customers with high quality financial services.

Major Services in
IT Sector

Provide Financial Network Services of CC
  • - Nationally Integrated Online Network Service
  • - National Joint Bank Network Use Service
  • - Financial Partnership Service Connecting External Institutions
Provide e-Banking Services
  • - Internet Banking, Smartphone Banking, Telebanking, Imagination SangSang Bank Service
  • - CC Website, Mutual-Aid Website, Check Card Website Service
  • - CC Partnership Card, MG Cash IC Card Payment Service
Provide Management Information & CRM Service (Customer Relation Management) of CC
  • - Provision of Management Support Multi-dimensional Analysis Report and Newsflash Management Information related to CC
  • - Customized financial services that use customer management and customer analysis of CC
  • - Provision of the general profit management system of CC
Reinforce Security and Stability of the Computer Network
  • - Double composition of the computer network and information system of CC
  • - Operation of 24x365 CC Integrated Security Control Center to respond to cyber invasion and prevent leakage of internal information
  • - Operation of a security solution to prevent cyber invasion and leakage of internal information
  • - Acquisition of the e-Banking system of ISMS (Information Security Management System) by the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • - Designation of the national major information & communication infrastructure of CC such as Internet Banking System and Ledger System

IT Center

KFCC has established a new IT Center of global standards in the building optimized for IT infrastructure for the financial sphere. Compared to the previous IT center, we have secured exceptionally wider space, and provide 24 hours-365 days stable service based on the improved capacity to process data through the introduction of equipment of the latest high performance server.

MG CC IT Center Frontal photo