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MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고 MG 새마을금고


CC has been providing the service in order to enable
convenient banking transaction through electronic medium

e- Banking is a contactless and automated method, offered through electronic devices such as PC, mobile and ATM, which provide banking products and banking services for customers to use conveniently.


  • Internet banking, Smartphone banking, Telebanking
Common Network
  • CD/ATM, Giro, CMS, Cash IC Card, Payment for Goods
Firm Banking
  • Enterprise Banking, Apartment Banking, School Banking
External Partnership Business
  • Securities-linked accounts, CD/ATM outside Branches, PG Payment, Card Loans, Virtual Accounts

New e-Banking

MG SangSang Bank
  • An online window service of CC for banking transaction through PIN (password) or fingerprint authentication by a contactless method and without visiting the cashier’s window of bank
MG Smart Alert
  • Service to send transaction history through smartphone app