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Credit Business

KFCC has been receiving deposits and lending loans
on behalf of CC to control the stable operation and flow of funds

KFCC has been receiving deposits and lending on behalf of CC to control the stable operation and smooth flow of funds in CC and operating the repayment reserves system to protect customers’ properties.

Reserves System

CC retains repayment reserves of more than one tenth of the balance of deposit and installment savings as of the end of previous month, and transfers more than one half of these repayment reserves to KFCC to secure (respond to customer requests) liquidity and prepare the reimbursement of savings and installment savings.

Depositor Protection Reserves Subrogation Endowment
(Deposit Insurance)
Deposit Insolvency Customers CC

Deposits Business

KFCC has been providing diverse deposit products and services for CC

Ordinary Deposit
  • Bank deposit that enables payment of deposit on demand and withdrawal, which is usable anytime by CC
Time Deposit
  • Saving deposit that is transferred by CC to KFCC for a certain period to receive interest and principal
Domestic Exchange Settlement
  • The process of CC’s payment settlement with national public institutions or other financial services in Korea

Loan Business

KFCC has been offering loan services for CC, privates, and enterprises.

  • Loan within Savings &
    Installment Deposits
  • Credit Loan
  • Secured Loan

Note & Checks

KFCC has resolved the inconvenience of cash payment through issuance of cashier’s check of CC, and enhanced customers’ convenience through receiving the payment by promissory note and checks.

  • Cashier’s Check
  • Promissory
  • Checking
    Account Check
  • Personal
  • Postal
    Money Order